Chris Caldwell

has dedicated his career to helping his clients achieve optimum physical health with adapted fitness training modalities that challenge each client to do better every day. Goals are achieved with consistency, time, with exact form, and proper motivation. Chris is the best at getting you on track toward the person you want to become.

Easy going with lighthearted sense of humor, Chris keeps his clients smiling while focusing their attention on every exercise in a session. Volunteering in a local hospital’s rehab center during high school, Chris learned that he enjoyed working with people and seeing their physical improvement.

He has a B.S. Ed. with a concentration as a Physical Fitness Specialist and has obtained his teaching certificate in Health & Physical Education from West Chester University. Chris is certified as a fitness trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) with specialties in Fitness Nutrition, Corrective Exercise, and Performance Enhancement.

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