Extremely energetic, strong-willed, goal-oriented, enthusiastic, competitive and fun-loving are just some of the ways to describe Jake Chalfin. He’s also a loyal friend, loving son and brother, passionate environmentalist, and a fiercely determined 32-year-old man who has vowed to take on the challenge of walking again—no matter how long it takes.


Jake has always pushed the limits, living by the mantra “Work hard. Play hard.” He firmly believes in living life deliberately, with passion and enthusiasm for everything he does. He also has an incredibly strong sense of responsibility to his local community and the environment. That’s why he chose a career in an environmentally sustainable field and why he has been actively involved in land conservation efforts and community recycling programs.

Jake’s love of horses and equestrian sports began at an early age. He was only 7 years old when he first started taking riding lessons. A year later, he joined the 4-H Club and soon after joined the Pickering Hunt Pony Club. While in Pony Club, Jake was introduced to Eventing. It wasn’t long before he went out on his own, competing with a variety of local trainers as his coaches. Jake continued to Event throughout high school and college.

In 2008, Jake’s most impressive ride was a hard-earned fourth place in the famed Maryland Hunt Cup. With 17 starts that year, he won $14,300 in total purses. In 2009, Jake had 23 starts, earning $18,550 in total purses. This year, Jake won second place at the Benjamin H. Murray Memorial at the Grand National and was in the money four times, earning $7,150.

During his short career, Jake had the honor to ride for some of the best steeplechase trainers and owners. He earned 20 victories on the flat and over jumps on the NSA circuit and accumulated 21 seconds and 17 thirds. He also won numerous victories on the point-to-point circuit.

Always looking for an exciting adventure and a way to challenge himself, Jake began skiing at a young age. When he went to college in Colorado, he was able to take his passion for skiing to a whole new level. He traveled around the state, searching for the most challenging runs and trying to time the weather to get perfect powder days. To Jake, waist-deep powder on severely steep slopes is the recipe for a perfect day of skiing.

When he wasn’t pursuing the next cup or flying down a mountainside, Jake was hard at work as a sales and marketing director at Laurel Valley Soils in Avondale, Pa., a position he has held for eight years. This job is a perfect fit for Jake because of his relentless love for the environment and commitment to environmental stewardship. He is looking forward to returning to work and reconnecting with his clients and colleagues as soon as possible.

What else can we tell you about Jake? He received a bachelor’s of science degree from Colorado State University with a major in equine science. He also attended Kimberton Waldorf School in Kimberton, Pa., for grades K1 through 12.

This brief story and the qualities that describe Jake are what make him a powerful role model and addition to the Mitch’s Gym fitness family. His work with our Personal Trainers has allowed Jake to find that he can lead an interesting and fulfilling life despite his current limitations. His drive is what gives everyone here the desire to be as committed to our own programs as Jake is to his. We are so proud of Jake’s lifetime of accomplishment and look forward to him continuing his fitness programs with us here at Mitch’s Market Street Gym.

For more information on Jake and his life work and passions’ please visit his website @ http://www.chasinforchalfin.com

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