When you talk about dedication, inspiration, and a drive to better yourself, Ronnie C. fits the description to a T. Ronnie is a driven woman, business person and mother. With so many things in her life she has found that a dedication to her own health has improved everything else in her life. Not out of a selfish motivation, but rather a desire to improve her day to day personal and professional life.

Recently Ronnie sat down with us to talk about her experiences at Mitch’s Gym. She tells us that Mitch’s offered her the needed convenience, flexibility and assistance to improve her current fitness and health. Working with her Personal Trainer she has dropped a couple of dress sizes and lost over 15 unwanted “fat” pounds, and in the year ahead she would like to continue getting stronger, as well as drop a few more pounds. She is also looking forward to going shopping as some of her clothes don’t fit any longer. Now isn’t that a good problem to have. When asked what she likes most about Mitch’s Gym, she quickly responded that “There are so many things, do I have to pick just one” (We really liked that answer!!!)

Her suggestion to anyone looking for a Personal Trainer or just a gym to join was to come in to the club personally, take a tour, meet the staff, and find out for yourself how personable everyone is at the club. In closing, she would like everyone to know…“I can’t really stress enough the personal feeling I get when I walk through the door every time… everyone here does have my best interest at heart. The staff is concerned about me as a person and they are concerned about my health and helping me reach my goals, and that’s very important to me.”

Ronnie we can’t stress enough what a great member and representative you are for Mitch’s Gym. We love that you have a real passion to improve yourself and we are happy that you are including Mitch’s Gym in your fitness journey.

Keep up the GREAT WORK RONNIE!!!


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