Eddie Bearden

It takes energy to make energy!
When energy is stored and waiting to be utilized, we call it “Potential Energy”
When stored energy is engaged, we call it “Kinetic Energy”

Eddie takes that a step further and uses dynamic exercises to create Kinetic Energy from your Potential. Driven by his enthusiastic personality, and balanced with his focused presence, Eddie will motivate you at every turn.

Eddie’s core philosophy is finding balance in your training program. He says… “Strength training is at the heart of most every workout. The concepts and practice of Yoga have helped me find my balance… to find my inner chi. It has unlocked hidden secrets inside my body, and has helped me to grow as an individual…”

If you desire to tap your “Potential” Eddie will incorporate these philosophies bringing balance and energy to each and every workout. To schedule a FREE fitness consultation, send him an email or give him a call today!!!

Phone: 610.918.2900 ext 205 Email: ebearden@mitchsgym.com

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