Art had been dealing with prolonged shoulder pain during many daily activities and any exercises that involved pushing, pulling, and reaching with his upper body. With the help of Mitch’s Master Trainer Jason Dougherty, over the past month Art has become able to move his body with markedly less discomfort and pain. In their last session, Art was able to complete pushups from the ground with no pain. Still plenty of work ahead, but please join us in congratulating Art on his commitment, hard work, and progress thus far!

Here are a few tips from Jason about how to help your shoulders become and stay healthy:

  1. Keep the ball in the socket: Learn how to train and use the shoulders in a manner that develops, improves and preserves excellent movement quality, muscle function and joint alignment. The shoulder blade should move with the arm. Issues with posture limit the shoulder blades’ ability to move leading to stress on the shoulder and increase the risk of pain / injury
  2. Rehab and training are the same thing: Many of the activities and exercise physical therapists use to heal an injured shoulder can be used as a preventative measure to maintain shoulder health.
  3. A painful shoulder may be the result, not the problem: A painful or injured shoulder can result from inefficient alignment and movement of the shoulder, but frequently shoulder issues result from issues or inefficiencies in other parts of the body. Since the body is an interconnected system, it is important to look at the whole picture to identify the cause of a problem and find a solution.

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