Mike Bower attained his Bachelor Degree in Sports Administration from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2012. In addition to his current NASM certified personal trainer certificate, Mike has a background in High School coaching with experience in football and baseball. He is happy to share that he is a cancer survivor in remission from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma since April 2017. His perspective on training comes from both his personal health struggles and his experience working with a special needs population.

He believes that setting short term goals will lead to reaching long term success. When every meal, every workout and everything you do throughout your day matters, Mike looks forward to helping each of his clients attain their own personal fitness goals. He enjoys long walks outdoors, cooking, and counseling others through traumatic life events.

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Gluten Free Diets

Many diets focus on a single food group and recommend cutting it out, so it will help people lose weight. The diet that will we will be focusing on today is the gluten free diet, which is the main treatment of Celiac disease and recently part of a new fad diet trend....

Simplifying Nutrition

In today’s society, nutrition is one of the most talked about topics, but is also one that has lots of good and bad information out there for people to access. Many gurus will talk about special diets that will help you lose “x” amount of weight in “x”...

An Introduction to the Joint by Joint Approach

Due to our habitual life style choices, our bodies develop specific tendencies and movement compensations. Those of us who are sedentary, as well as those of us who are active, tend to exhibit similar mobility and stability problems. Of course, exceptions exist, but...


Optimize your performance By: Zach Lewandowski CARBOHYDRATES Carbohydrates are an important source of fuel for athletes. Try to consume a higher carbohydrate meal 1-3 hours before a workout or sports game. Some examples are pasta, fruits, starchy vegetables and...

4 Simple Steps To Beat Emotional Eating

Here’s a typical scenario from my life (and many of my clients): I walk in the door after a long day at work... Drop the bags on the floor, and head straight for the kitchen.... And what do I eat? Whatever I want! Which to be honest, ends up being a whole bunch of...


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