In order to provide the safest environment for our members and staff, we are following the required mandates from Local, and State Health Departments.  Masks are required to be worn covering the mouth and nostrils at all times when entering, exiting, and in all common areas where the 6’ social distancing guidelines can not be maintained.  ( See IMAGE1 )

Common areas include the lobby, locker rooms, all training studios, the main gym, cardiovascular area, and ab room.

While in these common areas and a 6’ Social distance guideline can be maintained (This includes while vigorously exercising)  members are to still have a mask available for quick application.  ( See IMAGE 2 )

Common sense, common courtesy and personal responsibility will be the foundation for all of us in providing each other with the safest facility possible.  Thank you for your cooperation and trust in what we are doing to keep everyone healthy. 
Your Mitch’s Team


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Please let us know if you have any questions or concrens.