Member Spotlight – Ronnie C.

When you talk about dedication, inspiration, and a drive to better yourself, Ronnie C. fits the description to a T.  Ronnie is a driven woman, business person and mother.  With so many things in her life she has found that a dedication to her own health has improved...

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Jake Chalfin Testimonial

Extremely energetic, strong-willed, goal-oriented, enthusiastic, competitive and fun-loving are just some of the ways to describe Jake Chalfin. He's also a loyal friend, loving son and brother, passionate environmentalist, and a fiercely determined 32-year-old man who...

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Spring Training Tips

The weather is finally warming up and you’re ready to hit the links. No more overtime in the office for you this spring, you’ve decided that by summertime you’re going to improve your game by at least 10 strokes. Tiger Woods: Watch out! Before you grab your golf bag...

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Senior Step Up

Recent research has demonstrated that men and women, over the age of 60, respond to both aerobic and strength-training exercise with greater increases in fitness, strength, functional status and glucose tolerance than any other group of younger men and women. In the...

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4 Simple Steps To Beat Emotional Eating

Here’s a typical scenario from my life (and many of my clients): I walk in the door after a long day at work... Drop the bags on the floor, and head straight for the kitchen.... And what do I eat? Whatever I want! Which to be honest, ends up being a whole bunch of...

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Christian Lee

Christian Lee Growing up sport and fitness was always a part of Christian's daily life. Two older brothers taught him how to play many different sports, and that doing them all at a very high level required a real competitive spirit.  In high school he focused his...

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Mitch’s Gym

We’re hometown strong and getting stronger.West Chester’s hometown gym with a workout philosophy that’s just right. We offer premier personal training, expert group fitness classes, customized weight training programs and have a community feel that will bring a smile to your face. And rest assured, we have the best private parking in the borough.