How You Can Help Your Gym

We have had quite a few of our friends reach out and ask us how they can help keep Mitch’s Gym viable. So what can you do to help the gym survive this revenue freeze? There are several ways that you can help. Please review the following options, and if you would like to help please enter your selection and information here. As we get your information we will reach out to discuss with you personally about your generous support.


First, please do not cancel your membership. We need every member to continue their support for the “Hometown Gym” that has embodied our culture.

Second, we will need your help in signing up new members. We understand that there will be a certain amount of cancellations, and those members will need to be replaced with people who are not members. Spouses, Partners, Neighbors, and every friend not currently a member needs to be recruited to join your club once we reopen. Please give us a referral or two who you know would be interested in joining the club.

Third, in order to help recruit new members we will have created a special introductory membership that will help you sponsor new members. This ReBoot-4 introductory membership includes the following: a one month full access membership, 4 Personal Training sessions, 4 RipFit sessions and unlimited Yoga classes all for $299.00 This introductory membership is a great way for new members to get started and would be a way for you to help sponsor a friend. Share this program with everyone you know who is not a member of the gym, Better yet buy one for your Spouse or if you are able buy a few to give away to your friends. Every little bit will help us survive this economic downturn and let these new members find out why we have always been successful in the delivery of the highest quality health and fitness programs.
Finally, if you are able please consider purchasing a Personal Training package. We have one of the best training staffs in the region and we would love to have you experience what we have to offer. For those of you who are a current Personal Training client, please consider purchasing another package to use following the current package you have on account.

Please contact me I want to help.

How I intend to help.

Thank you again for your patience and support. We are anxious to get back to the job we love. Servicing and bringing a high quality health and fitness service to our membership base and community.