Membership Freeze Request Form

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To put your account on freeze for non-medical reasons we require 15-Day notice. Members may freeze the Memberships for non-medical reasons in increments of one (1) month, for a total of three (3) months per twelve (12) month term at a cost of ten dollars ($10) per freeze period. The freeze months are in addition to the Member’s established payment obligation.

If you are not able to use the club for medical reasons, we can put your account on medical freeze. We require a doctor’s note and 15 days notice to process a medical freeze. Once we receive a doctor’s note we will waive any administrative fees and inactivate dues moving forward from the day we receive written notification. Your medical freeze will automatically run for the period your doctor has requested, however there is a maximum of six months for medical freezes.

In cases of medical and non-medical freezes, a courtesy reactivation notice will be sent to you 30 days before your membership is set to reactivate. You must inform us in writing if you are not ready to return to the club at that time.

I realize that while my membership is frozen, it is in an inactive status, and in order for me to use the club facilities I am subject to the standard guest fee. I also understand that membership freeze time is not considered part of the original term as indicated in my membership agreement.

All freeze requests are subject to approval.

By checking this box I am stating that I have read and understand how Mitch's Market Street Gym's Freeze Request process works.