We understand that circumstances change and if there is anything we can do to have you stay on as a member of the club we would like to hear form you. Please fill out the entire form below and be sure to enter the reason for your need to terminate in the Message Box. Should you wish to Freeze your membership, or would like to Transfer the Membership to a friend please follow the links below. Thank you for the opportunnity to of been your “Hometown Gym” and we hope to see you again someday soon!

Membership Termination Request

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Terms and Conditions:

In accordance to the terms of the original membership contract I am requesting that this email request will be my 30 day notification to terminate the listed members. I understand that I am responsible for any final Electronic Funds payments scheduled within the next 30 day notification period. Upon any final payments or credits applied to the membership the membership will be closed.

Please remember we do offer Freeze options should you only need to temporarily suspend your membership. In addition we do offer a Membership Transfer option. You may pass along your current membership rate without any enrollment fees to a neighbor, co-worker, family member or any friend not currently a member of Mitch’s Gym. Should you wish to take advantage of one of these options please click the appropriate link below. Thanks for having given the opportunity to be your “Hometown Gym” and should the circumstances change, we hope you will come back soon.

The Mitch’s Gym Team